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October 07, 2013 — Sadie & Bella Say

A Behind the Scenes Look at Kindest Cut Spay/Neuter Mobile Unit

My Voice Blog - Kindest Cut Mobile Unit

Maybe you’ve seen one driving down the highway or possibly you’ve seen one parked in a local parking lot for the day. So what are we talking about? One of those low cost, mobile spay/neuter van that brings the operating room to you; and your dog, cat or rabbit of course. I was lucky enough to spend the day with the folks from Kindest Cut here in Minnesota to observe what really happens on these mobile surgical units. Over the course of the day I found a whole new respect not only for what they do but why they do it.

The van itself is a tight space and every square inch is used as effectively and efficiently as possible. There are always at least four people on the van which include a vet and three vet techs. Cages of varying sizes line both sides which are used to house the animals after intake while they wait for their turn to be prepped for surgery. It also serves as their recovery room after surgery is complete. The measures they take to ensure everything in the operating area at the back of the van stays completely sterile is impressive. The surgery time varies depending on the species and whether they are male or female, but it is quick and efficient which means their time under anesthesia is minimal. In addition to the general pain meds given for surgical patients, the veterinarians also use an additional type of pain management they call blocks, or local anesthesia, with helps with aftercare. That makes for an easier recovery and gets them back to the comfort of their own home with their family much faster. In addition to spaying or neutering your animal, for an extra fee they will also microchip and vaccinate them if needed and everyone gets a nail trim and a brand new name tag too!

            My Voice Blog- Kindest Cut MN  My Voice Blog- Kindest Cut MN  My Voice Blog- Kindest Cut MN
My Voice Blog- Kindest Cut MNBut I think what impressed me the most was the Kindest Cut staff. They truly love what they do, they obviously enjoy working with each other and most of all, they really love the animals that come on board. The staff is busy from start to finish but they always found time to give love and special attention to each of the animals while they’re there. They talked with such conviction about the issues surrounding homeless dogs and cats and their part in trying to help make a positive impact on pet overpopulation. It really was like watching a well-oiled machine with a touch of TLC thrown in the mix.

Of course I couldn’t close out the day without asking Dr. Kruck what she thought the animals she’s helped would say if they could speak our language. She thought they’d say “Thank you for helping me focus on my family, not on making babies and for allowing me to live a healthier, longer life.” Thank you Dr. Kruck and all of the Kindest Cut staff for helping us give our pets a better life.

So have you been wanting to get your pet spayed or neutered but time or money was a barrier? Well this might just be a perfect solution for you. Kindest cut serves locations throughout Minnesota and works by appointment only. Since their focus is offering low cost spay/neuter for people who would otherwise not be able to afford such a surgery, there are eligibility requirements. You can find all the details about Kindest Cut on their website including information about their owner and lead vet Dr. Meghann Kruck, their scheduled locations, services offered and scheduling appointments. And even more good news, Kindest Cut just opened a stationary spay/neuter clinic located at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, MN. Now it just got easier for all of us to do our part in helping to put an end to pet overpopulation! No excuses now, right?

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