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October 16, 2012 — Press Release

We Swim, Pedal and Run So Animals Can Swim, Waddle and Run FREE

Kevin Rutherford, our Ambassador for the Animals, is competing in the Ironman© Florida race on November 3, 2012.  He is raising funds on behalf of My Voice™ with 100% of the proceeds being donated to The Gentle Barn Our fundraising goal is $2,000 which will allow us to sponsor six of their animals for a full year!  As Kevin said "The 140.6 miles I will swim, bike and run is a crazy distance, I know, but I have the opportunity to make that choice. Many of the animals we SHARE this planet with don't have the opportunity to live their lives as intended; free with the ability to thrive. I saw this race as a chance to raise awareness and funds to help our animal friends live their lives with joy."

Because of Kevin's efforts, we are hoping to sponsor six of the animals that stole our hearts after our visit to The Gentle Barn last year. They are: Bella (Goat), Biscuit (Pig), Buttercup (Cow), Lazar (Horse), Maddie (Dog) and Ellen (Turkey) who we would like to sponsor in memory of Monty who recently passed away.  You can learn more about all of these animals and the story of how they came to live at The Gentle Barn by visiting their virtual barn.

How can you donate to support The Gentle Barn's incredible work?  Visit Kevin's fundraising page on Crowdrise to help us meet our goal so we can support the needs of these six animals for a full year. It's an aggressive goal but we know we can do it with your help. Kevin kicked it off with $141, $1 for each mile he will swim, bike and run. Will you donate just a few dollars to keep the momentum going?

On behalf of My Voice and The Gentle Barn we thank you for your support.

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